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January 2009


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Jan. 28th, 2009

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Cute Simon & Paula in Jacksonville

Hello LJ friends!!!   I almost never write in my journal, but I've been so happy all day after yesterday's wonderful episode of American Idol in Jacksonville!!
I had to share the cutest Saula moment from the epi....you know, Paula on Simon's lap, awwww :D
It's the complete audition!

Watch it here

Hoping for a better episode tonight!!!

May. 25th, 2008

XFiles2 OTP

List of Cancelled TV shows

I barely write anything in my journal, so I wanted to share with my friends the list of all the cancelled TV shows.
I will only miss "Moonlight" :(

Big Shots
Cashmere Mafia
Just for Laughs
Men in Trees
Notes From the Underbelly
October Road
Oprah's Big Give
Women's Murder Club


Kid Nation
Power of 10
Secret Talents of the Stars
Viva Laughlin
Welcome to the Captain


Aliens in America
Beauty and the Geek
CW Now
Life Is Wild
Online Nation
Pussycat Dolls Present


Back to You
Canterbury's Law
New Amsterdam
The Next Great American Band
The Return of Jezebel James


1 vs. 100
Bionic Woman
Clash of the Choirs
Las Vegas
My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad
The Singing Bee

Feb. 8th, 2008

XFiles2 OTP

Strike return list of shows

Just sharing a list of the shows returning with new episodes after the strike.

Dec. 31st, 2007

XFiles2 OTP

Torchwood Promo Commercial

A promo for season 2 I found in my Doctor Who Christmas Special episode :-)
Made a file and uploaded it in Youtube.
Of course it has spoilers.



Nov. 14th, 2007

DW Mr and Mrs Who

Doctor Who funtime!

Hello!!!!!!      Tonight I made 2 Torchwood puzzles, really Jack & Gwen puzzles :-)  and shared them with the  jack_and_gwen   community.     So I had to make Doctor Who puzzles too :-)    Those I am sharing here for my friends.

I used 2 behind the scenes pictures from season 1 that  imaginary_iby  shared with me.

Chris and Billie in both because I love them :-)





Oct. 14th, 2007

XFiles2 OTP

New header

I know this is a little late, but I really want to thank Stefanie aka

scifi_tv_addict  for my new header!!!!!!!!!!
She made it, and It is so well done and pretty!    Love it :-)

And with 4 of my actual favorite ships:
* Daniel & Vala........even if SG1 is no longer on the air I still LOVE them
* John & Elizabeth.....no Lizzie in Atlantis but the love is still there
* Jack & Gwen......my new ship and loving every minute of it, hehehe
* Nine & Rose......I don't know how it happend, but I totally adore them :-)

Thanks again Stefanie!!!!!



Oct. 9th, 2007

XFiles2 OTP

Declassified Jack & Gwen screencaps

Since several members of the Jack/Gwen community said they loved my cute behind the scenes icon with John & Eve....the same I am using now :-)    I decided to make screencaps of that little moment to share with you, hehehe

Well, I made 18 screencaps of the Declassified 101 video.  All John/Eve, Jack/Gwen  The last caps are the ones I mentioned before.

You can get the zip in my 4shared account, HERE


Jul. 1st, 2007

XFiles2 OTP

New Header!!

I LOVE my new header, it's soooo pretty!!! :-)    
And it not only shows my name but also my 4 favorite Sci-Fi couples:
Daniel/Vala  (SG1)
Mulder/Scully  (do I have to write the name of their show? lol)
John/Aeryn  (Farscape)
John/Elizabeth  (SGA)

The talented creator of such a wonderful header is Stefanie aka scifi_tv_addict    

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun. 27th, 2007

XFiles2 OTP

Added a header to my LJ

I've been doing a little customizing to my LJ page and decided to add a beautiful Daniel/Vala header I snagged.
The talented creator of this header is ladyireth  I did nothing to it, just upload it......all by myself  :-) :-)

I am so happy it worked!  Now I see the LJ cuts I did also worked, hehehe
Also changed a few icons, now I am using an ani icon as my default, still a Sparky one.

That's all :-)
XFiles2 OTP

Ben Browder

I am trying to learn how to do a LJ cut  :-)
So I am posting a very nice article about Ben Browder.

Hopefully it will work :-)
Sorry for the 2 cuts.

May. 9th, 2007

XFiles2 OTP

Quiz Time!

So, What American Accent do You Have?
The quiz is HERE,

I had to do it, LOL
I agree with my results :-)


Apr. 29th, 2007

XFiles2 OTP

Posting after months!

I have a lot of mail to answer, from all last week.   I've been watching too many TV episodes lately, from old and new series.  So my time has been very limited. 
It's been a pleasure to rewatch The X Files episodes I still keep!  Not many, but still very nice.   I love it more every time I see it, and I ship Mulder & Scully more and more :-D
Also, I've been watching SG1 episodes from season 10 and a few from season 9, mainly because I have discovered recently I love Daniel & Vala a lot, LOL      Of course watching Vala and Cameron urged me to rewatch Farscape! :-D   Awesome episodes!   I can't stop loving this show :-)

But today I visited livejournal and decided to modify my page, and visit my friends journals.    I am not sure I am doing it right, I have forgotten a lot!  But I do not want my journal deleted so I am here :-)

I uploaded a few icons to my page too,  more John & Aeryn from Farscape,  a Clark & Lana from Smallville,  a nice Bones icon, and also a Standoff icon with Emily & Matt.  I am sad to say I do not have Mulder & Scully icons, or Daniel & Vala from SG1 icons to upload.  I will have to find cute ones one of these days.

I have to go eat lunch now....this late!


Oct. 22nd, 2006

XFiles2 OTP

My Atlantis IM Letter

Today I am sharing the 2 Stargate Atlantis letters I made for Incredimail :-)
Both previous below,

Letter 1

Letter 2


If you like them you can download the zip files contaiming both letters in my  4shared account.    Enjoy!

Oct. 21st, 2006

XFiles2 OTP

Help for Steph

Sure, I can help you!
When you are writing your entry highlight the word(s) you want to have linked to your site...........then click on the linking icon above, it's on the first row.   Check out the graphic below....


Then a window will open where you will add the URL of your site, then OK, and that's it! :-D
Hope that helps!

I wanted to reply to your post with my help, but I couldn't add a graphic in the reply (only when I added a new entry)........I need help too, LOL


Oct. 20th, 2006

XFiles2 OTP

New icons

I had free time today so decided to add more icons to my account.   
First I had only 1, that was so sad, LOL    Now I have 12 new icons!!
Thanks to all talented creators!! :-)

At the moment all are from Stargate Atlantis, basically Sheppard, Weir, and Sheppard & Weir, hehehe
Ohhh, I do have 1 Rodney icon :-)    Check it out in this post :-D

I will search for icons of my other TV favorites when I have more time.

Also, I made 2 Atlantis IM stats, I already shared them with my Incredimail group  and a few friends.   
Hopefully the link will work  * crossing fingers *       I am still learning this LiveJournal thing :-)

I'll share the stats later.   Now I want to visit my friend  sheppard4lily   journal, she has episodes comments I want to comment, LOL

Sep. 30th, 2006

XFiles2 OTP

(no subject)

The last days, I've been busy with work but I've managed to watch all the episodes of Atlantis season 2!

Too bad I haven't been able to watch any of the premieres of the new shows.....lots of downloads ahead of me.....

The other day I forgot to share a video I uploaded in my YouTube account, it's the cast of Atlantis on the TV Guide channel. 
Watch it  in this link:

Sep. 22nd, 2006

XFiles2 OTP

Added Nicole as a friend

Today  I got a message from my friend Nicole, she just got a new LJ account  garfieldlady  
Of course I added her as a friend, now she needs to learn how to do that, LOL

In other news, I've also been watching Stargate Atlantis......the cast is great......I love John & Elizabeth.....

Sep. 18th, 2006

XFiles2 OTP

FaeryAeryn first post!

I am a newbie, just created my LJ account moments ago!
If you share my interests let me know :-)